Family and Community Services

Visitation Area


There will areas designated for visitations. The visitation maybe supervised or therapeutic. The visitation area must be reserved.

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Parents take part in parent training that explores common sense parenting and evidenced based training. Training will be based on treating the whole family through trauma focused lens.

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Education Advocacy


Our Education Advocate will be able to help guide parents and guardians in the right direction when it comes to their child's education. The Education Advocate will set up consultations with parents/guardians by appointment.

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Our staff will be able to provide trauma focused training and resources to the public as well as private organizations.

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Victim Advocacy/Support


We will provide groups and resources to those who have been victims/survivors of any type of trauma.

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Independent Court Reports


Our agency will be able to provide independent court reports of homes which will include but not limited to home description, financial stability, safety, employment status, and background checks.

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